August 15, 2022

As far as leveling your mage it doesn’t matter too much which leveling specialization (spec) you choose, as they all can level quickly and easily. It’s not like any of them are the “forgotten children” of Wow or anything.

A leveling spec needs mostly damage dealing capability, but it also needs some survivability and opponent control. In PvP things skew much more to the survival side and in PvE (ie: Raids) they swing towards damage: first, last, and always.

Where you’re leveling matters, too icyveins
. For all Mage specs if you’re leveling in the dungeons, perhaps with the Random Dungeon Finder tool, then you can lean much more towards damage than otherwise and the Fire and Arcane specs will probably outshine Frost here. If you’re PvP leveling, well, you can’t help your team if you’re dead and Frost is (for now) the PvP spec of choice.

For general leveling (questing, grinding, a dungeon or two) the Frost Mage spec is probably the one that most people would pick since it’s the most flexible. Frost can generate a lot of damage and it also has a lot of control and survivability. Chilled, slowed, and frozen opponents don’t do much damage. A Frost Mage also gets talents which do greatly increased damage Vs those same frozen opponents. Last, but far from least, Frost mages get a pet water elemental and that’s always handy.

Talent choices while you level are pretty easy. Some talents shave a tiny bit of time from your spell casting and I recommend that you skip those and take the talents that freeze and damage your opponents. When you hit the third tier of talents go for Icy Veins, Fingers of Frost, and one point in Improved Freeze.

A couple of tiers down the line you will want to take all of the ice barrier talents, especially if you are on a PvP server. A little extra survivability makes leveling a lot easier at times, especially when things go wrong.

The Fire Mage spec can dish out even more damage, but relies on movement for survivability. If you think of a “glass cannon” you will be about right. Fire is also heavily Crit dependent, so you will run into streaks of godlike damage and then a dry spell where you’re doing a lot of running away.

Arcane mages are somewhere between the “all damage” of the Fire mage and the control of the Frost mage. The Arcane spec can also do impressive damage and perhaps has better mana efficiency than the others.

People always wonder which stats are most important. For any Mage the answer is Intelligence over everything else and the value of Int increases as your level does. Int is the new Spellpower and it figures into your mana pool and a bit of crit rating. Strength, Agility, and Spirit are useless, while the amount of Stamina you want will depend on your ability to survive. I suggest lots of Stam at low levels, but it really depends on your skills.

Don’t worry much about stats such as Hit or Crit until the end-game. Just go for Int and let the other stats follow along as you find them. If you find gear with gem sockets, and you want to use the gems, then go for… Int. Same with any enchants you care to buy. Fire mages place more value on Crit than the others and all Mages can use Hit and Haste (in that order. ) So if you’re going to go for enchants you can use Int > Hit > Crit (for fire) or Haste (for the others. )

While the min-max crowd might argue, my thoughts are that you should play the Mage spec that feels right. If you’re a natural Burninator then play the Fire spec, even if Frost is the “flavor of the month. ” The same goes for Arcane, especially if you like a more “magic” feel rather than elemental. Develop just a little skill with whatever your choice is and you will level quickly and easily, regardless of spec. This is a guide on mages in World of warcraft that plan on or what to learn more about the Frost Build and it’s use of skills. Now, I’m going to go, specifically, over the Frost Build in this guide. I would go over all three, but that would make this guide even longer than it already is, and I want to make these guides as specific as possible so you can understand better. As you might or might not know, the Frost build relies on slowing enemies down so that you can kill them before they make it to you, since Mages are extremely fragile and will die if they get hit by literally anything. There are some extremely powerful Frost spells, and far more defensive spells than in a build that would specialize around Fire spells. As a result, in this talent tree there are skills and spells that simply can’t be missed, but unfortunately, you can’t have every talent, so I’m going to help you pick out the ones that should be missed and the ones that can’t be missed. Just remember, you can reset your skills and try other combos at any time, however it costs Gold in order to reset them, so keep that in mind.

Alright, so without further ado, the first talent I’m going to go over is Frost Warding. It increases the armor and resistances given by Frost Armor and Ice Armor spells by 50%. Also, it gives your Frost Ward and Fire Ward a 30% chance to negate the warded damage spell and restore mana equal to the damage caused. Now, this is not a PvE worthy skill at all. If it has any use, it’s in PvP. I would only get it if you have some points left.

Frostbolt causes 799-861 frost damage and slows down movement speed by 40% for 9 seconds. Add in Improved Frostbolt, and it reduces the cast time of your Frostbolt spell by. 05 seconds. A must get skill for any Frost Build. Elemental Precision reduces the mana cost and increases your chance to hit with Frost and Fire spells by 3%. This is a great skill for Frost Builds, as well as Fire Builds.

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